Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice
Mixtape Dice

Mixtape Dice

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Number Color

There may be slight variations in color and positioning of material between dice of the same style, mold marks, micro-bubbles, or minor cosmetic irregularities.

I ship from my studio in New Jersey. Although most orders ship out more quickly, please allow 1 – 3 business days for your item to ship.

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Mixtape Dice by Aether Objects

Sharp-edged RPG dice sets made from cassette tapes and housed in iconic boxes

Behold, Mixtape Dice!

Crafted from retro cassette tapes and housed in iconic cassette-style boxes.

With real cassette tape encased in sharp-edged resin, these dice are a tactile tribute to a nostalgic era. Far more than just collectibles, they're balanced for fair play, ensuring every roll is as random as it is unforgettable. They feature easily readable numbers with a high-contrast color, designed for immersive gameplay.

Bringing Old-School Cool to Your Game Night

Mixtape Dice embodies a careful blend of style and substance. The embedded cassette tape fragments create a unique pattern in each die, ensuring that every set is one-of-a-kind.

Their slightly larger size enhances the rolling experience while maintaining compatibility with most dice cases.

Enhance Your Experience!

Cue up the adventure with the official Aether Objects Theme Song, a collector's edition audio cassette that's more than just a throwback—it's the perfect song to start your gaming sessions! This tape features an original track by legendary TTRPG musician Arcane Anthems.

Pairs with Mixtape Dice. Press play and let the legendary tales unfold! Complimentary MP3 download link provided with add-on.

E-Waste Inside

From pigments to metals, recycled e-waste is incorporated throughout the collections.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Orders ship using 100% recyclable and biodegradable kraft boxes with paper cushioning and paper tape.

LGBTQ+ Owned

Aether Objects donates to non-profits focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy and inclusive gaming.