Chroma 7-Piece Resin Dice Set
Chroma 7-Piece Resin Dice Set

Chroma 7-Piece Resin Dice Set

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This set of 7-piece polyhedral dice is a must-have for those who appreciate the beauty of translucent colors. Each set is available in your choice of spectrum color, for a stunning addition to any collection. 

  • Aether Objects logo appears on the highest face of the D12.
  • Numbers in your choice of a color.
  • Standard Size

This full set includes one D4, D6, D8, D12, D20, D% and D10, encased in a premium box.

From sketch to cast die, each piece undergoes a meticulous 20-step journey before it reaches your hand. Every die is hand poured, polished, and painted.

Dice with inclusions are double-cast for durability: first to create the core, and then again with a protective shell to prevent inclusions from approaching the surface.

There may be slight variations in color and positioning of material between dice of the same style, mold marks, micro-bubbles, or minor cosmetic irregularities.

Orders ship from the Aether Objects studio in New Jersey.

Although most orders ship out more quickly, please allow 10 business days for your item to be created and shipped.

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Eco-Friendly Shipping

Orders ship in 100% recyclable and biodegradable kraft boxes, cushioned with paper and sealed with eco-friendly tape.

E-Waste Inside

From pigments to metals, recycled e-waste is incorporated throughout the collections.


Aether Objects is an LGBTQ+ owned brand that actively supports non-profits dedicated to fostering inclusivity in gaming.