OK Pro 34mm D20 Chonk
OK Pro 34mm D20 Chonk
OK Pro 34mm D20 Chonk
OK Pro 34mm D20 Chonk

OK Pro 34mm D20 Chonk

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  • Edition of 5
  • Handmade to Order
Number Color

Behold, the OK Pro. Made from an upcycled MacBook. This die is double-cast; the outer shell is 100% resin and table-safe. 

  • Limited edition, only 5 will be made
  • The numbers are un-inked, with the option of high visibility white
  • 34mm

Since the core is made from a retired laptop, the interior faces may have some light scuffs or scratches. The internal text positions vary from die to die, with the OK Pro always on the highest face.

These dice are not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple Inc.

  • Free shipping in the USA

From sketch to cast die, each piece undergoes a meticulous 20-step journey before it reaches your hand. Every die is hand poured, polished, and painted.

Dice with inclusions are double-cast for durability: first to create the core, and then again with a protective shell to prevent inclusions from approaching the surface.

There may be slight variations in color and positioning of material between dice of the same style, mold marks, micro-bubbles, or minor cosmetic irregularities.

I ship from my studio in New Jersey.

Although most orders ship out more quickly, please allow 10 – 15 business days for your item to ship.

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